Canada's most populous province and neighboring Quebec, Ontario is highly urbanized in the south and more rural in the north. Located in the Great Lakes region of North America, the province has no less than 55,000 km of rivers and more than 500,000 lakes!

The gigantic Niagara Falls form a natural border between Canada and the United States. It is a must-see destination and they will impress you with the power of their waters.

A trip to Ontario can not be made without visiting Algonquin Park, a jewel of the Canadian shield. Its lakes, rivers and mountains mingle in a most pleasant harmony. In this enchanting landscape, you will have the privilege to feel, listen and admire the Canadian fauna and flora.

Ontario's oldest city, Kingston is known as the Thousand Islands region, a cruise will allow you to contemplate these treasures that stretch into the meanderings of the St. Lawrence River.