The splendors of the parks of Quebec

We have created this new package for the travel enthusiasts in search of discoveries and breathtaking sceneries. We indeed created for you an itinerary that will enable you to discover everything nature in Quebec province has to offer. 


  • Day 1 Montréal

    Montréal Pick-up your vehicle and rendez-vous in the thrilling and appealing city of Montreal!

    - Accommodation : Hotel

  • Day 2 Mont-Tremblant National Park

    Mont-Tremblant National Park You will head for the Mont-Tremblant National Park. This park, the oldest one, is also the largest one offering a unique environment of mountains, lakes and rivers. This wild territory also hosts an exceptional wildlife, with around 40 mammal species such as the wolf. You will settle in your cabin in La Diable sector for the next 3 nights. Hiking is a very practised activity in this area. From the short walk to the sporty tour, the large trail network will allow you to discover the true nature of the Laurentides. The trail network reaches 82 km.

    - Accommodation : Cabin
    - Breakfast

  • Days 3 to 4 Mont-Tremblant National Park

    Mont-Tremblant National Park You can take the opportunity to follow the pathways of the park.

    - Accommodation : Cabin

  • Day 5 Jacques-Cartier National Park

    Jacques-Cartier National Park Let us go Jacques-Cartier National Park. This park has a large mountain plateau and the most beautiful glacial valleys are located in the heart of this majestuous park, in particular the spectacular Jacques-Cartier valley wich has a 550-metre drop. You will settle in your cabin for the next 3 nights.

    - Accommodation : Cabin

  • Days 6 to 7 Jacques-Cartier National Park

    Jacques-Cartier National Park With almost 100 km of pathways, once again, enjoy nature and its magnificient landscapes during these two days.

    - Accommodation : Cabin

  • Day 8 Charlevoix

    Charlevoix For the next 3 days, your hiking will lead you to a cabin/shlelter to another. You will take several descents , that are actually a crater created by the fall of an asteroid 350 milllon years ago. After this 16.7 km hike, you will reach your goal; the Chalet de la Marmotte.

    - Accommodation : Cabin

  • Day 9 Charlevoix

    Charlevoix You will set off towards a glacier valley that will lead you up the long ascent to Walnut Mountain. This mountain with its multiple peaks gives the illusion, when looking downwards, of a pregnant woman lying on her back. The climb is littered with beautiful views that will delight amateur photographers. When you arrive at Owl's Chalet you will have traveled 12.5 km over a 300-metre incline.

    - Accommodation : Cabin

  • Day 10 Tadoussac

    Tadoussac Let us go the Saguenay fjord. The fjord offers a unique landscape. You can see picturesque villages all along the riverbanks and the estuary is also worldwide known for the observation of whales. You will settle at the hotel for the night.

    - Accomodation : Hotel

  • Days 11 to 13 Matane Wildlife Reserve

    Matane Wildlife Reserve You will stay in a lodge that was built in order to respect its natural surroundings. This is indeed a pleasant and cozy eco-lodge. It is located 55 km south of Cap-Chat in an isolated area that can’t be access by car. From the lodge, you will enjoy splendid views of the spectacular summits, of the Hélène waterfall and of the endless pristine forest. A stay here enables you to discover a fabulous nature and a rich culture. The chief guide and his team are there to help you find the most suitable activities for you and to make sure you will enjoy safely those wild areas.

    - Accommodation : Lodge
    - Breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • Day 14 Rivière du Loup

    Rivière du Loup You will discover the beautiful Bas-St-Laurent coast. You will settle at the hotel for one night.

    - Accommodation : Hotel
    - Breakfast

  • Day 15 Québec

    Québec You will be in the nice city of Quebec. An exceptional city, both throught its patrimonial wealth and the beauty of the site, it feels more like an European city than an American one. You will stay at the hotel for one night.

    - Accommodation : Hotel

  • Day 16 Québec

    Québec Get to know this city in the « old France » charm.

    - Accommodation : Hotel

  • Day 17 Montréal

    Montréal Enjoy Montréal and its wonderful architecture, its cultural and historical places and its starred restaurants.

    - Accomodation : Hotel

  • Day 18 Montréal

    Montréal Handover of the vehicule and return flight to France.

    - Accommodation : Hotel
    - Breakfast

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From 2183 C$

The budget is an indication of the price per person, subject to availability. Your local agent will send you a customized quote with the exact price. The price can vary according to availability, level of services, period of travel, number of participants, booking time frame and other items.


The cost includes: 

- Sleeping bag and cooler (pick-up and drop-off in Montreal)
- Access to the National Parks
- Transport of food and belongings during the hiking part in Charlevoix (days 8 to 10)
- Vehicle transfer at the end of the hiking trail in Charlevoix (day 10)
- Services of naturalist guides for the stay at Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge
- R/T transfer between the Cap-Chat visitor center and the lodge
- Activities on the Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge site with or without a guide
- Topographic map of the Matane Wildlife Reserve site
- Ferry from Forestville to Rimouski (day 11)
- 17 nights of accommodation
- 10 meals
- Applicable taxes 

The cost does not include:

- The personalized roadbook (OPTION : 73$ cdn)
- Air travel
- Car rental (see
- Personal expenses
- Drinks (excluding coffee and tea with meals included)

The posted price is based on an economic accommodation. This self-drive tour is also  available in standard accommodation, superior, Inn and B&B, for an additional charge. 

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