Why travel with us?


At Altaï Canada, our onsite teams at each destination are comprised mainly of local people, or foreign expats who have been living there for many years. Some of us are, or have been, professional guides while others are outdoor activity specialists—whatever our role, we’re all driven by the same desire to share our passion with travellers from around the world. Inspired by their love of each destination, our consultants are the experts you need to help you plan the best possible trip. 

We spend much of our time in the field deepening our knowledge about each destination. We also take great care in selecting our partners based on their professionalism and expertise, never on the cheapest price. Our guides are carefully recruited and hand-picked; we offer them regular in-the-field training.  

Thanks to our membership with the Altaï Base Camp network and our Altaï Campus training program, our guides are all qualified to lead nature and adventure trips. Beyond the technical knowledge required for their field, they all follow a special first aid and safety training program. After graduating from these courses, they are certified Altaï Canada Guides, the only accreditation that authorizes them to lead your travel.


The travel programs on our website are simply meant to give you some travel ideas, nothing more. We have both the experience and knowledge to help you build your dream travel itinerary. Since we live onsite, we know all the local hotels, guest houses and B&B’s, every public and private transportation solution, the better restaurants and the most convenient take-out spots. Whatever your budget or wishes, as long as they’re achievable, we’ll get back to you with an exclusive offer for a unique trip.


In the traditional tourism format, when customers want to go on an organized tour, they contact a travel agency in their country of origin, who then contacts a local agency in the destination country. At Altaï Canada, we assume the roles of both seller and organizer, eliminating the need for an intermediary who would take an additional cut. By entrusting your travel plans to a company that's been around for 20 years you can be sure of getting the best possible value. Owing to our years of living onsite and our trusted relationships with local partners, we can always offer attractive rates. This enables us to be competitive while ensuring proper compensation for our guides, drivers and employees, who in turn remain loyal and solidify our presence onsite.


To ensure the security of payments made at our website, we use Ogone, a system that is internationally recognized for its reliability. All the information you share with us relating to your order and card payment undergoes automated data processing by Ogone. The aim of this automated data processing is to analyze the transaction and to combat payment card fraud and identity theft. Ogone S.A. and ALTAI S.A.S. are the recipients of the data related to your order. Your card number is never transmitted or actually used: it is protected by a secure encoding and encrypting system. The highest security standards are enforced regarding data storage, all in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).